With so many options and uses, a palm pilot doesn’t only maintain you cell and organized, it will possibly additionally preserve you entertained. In 2000 the American oil lobby ( again ) reveals its affect making the US administration play down the climate downside. In 2001 the third IPCC report states that international warming is “very probably”. Now there is almost consensus among the scientists, even about the risk of an abrupt local weather change. In 2003 several observations indicate that the collapse of ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctic could raise sea ranges quicker than anticipated. In 2005 the Kyoto treaty goes into effect. The efforts to retard the emissions accelerates, even in the US, which has to cope with the serious damages made by the hurricane “Katrina”. In 2007 the fourth IPCC report states that the results of world warming has become “evident”. Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets … Read the rest