Warning: You’re about to enter a darkish world of an murderer. That alone isn’t GOTY material. What’s essential, and what video games usually fail to pull off, is showcasing very uncomfortable realities In The New Colossus’ case, it is a hideously evil regime supported by a complicit America. Nazis are simple to hate, but what about the individuals in our nation – our fellow People – who, today, allow and enable bigotry-fueled power? Who willingly vote for it? Genre stories mask reality in exaggeration. Wolfenstein: The New Colossus is perhaps one of the pulpiest video games out there, but it surely isn’t afraid to pummel our misplaced assumptions about who we think we are. Heather is properly-recognized in UK esports having worked with the likes of Ginx TV, Multiplay and others, internet hosting the likes of the Every day Obtain present, Insomnia esports tournaments and more. Don’t be a jerk … Read the rest