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Team Xbox Celebrates Earth Day: Here’s How You Can Get Involved
Sustainability is a pivotal point of focus for Microsoft and Xbox. We’re exploring new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and to raise awareness with our community. Reaching our sustainability commitments will take time and… Read more

Marvel’s Avengers Tachyon Anomaly Event Begins April 22
We first revealed the Tachyon Anomaly event one month ago at Square Enix Presents, and we’re … Read the rest

Sharpen your blades and get ready to cut your teeth in the Chivalry 2 cross-platform play closed beta on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S!

Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer, first-person slasher inspired by epic medieval movie battles. Starting today in the cross-platform play closed beta, you can enter this dangerous medieval world in sprawling 64-player games and prove your worth as a warrior!

Running Friday, April 23 through Monday, April 26, the cross-platform play closed beta brings a meaty chunk of the full game to sample before you enter the real battlefield at launch on June 8, 2021. 

Watch the all-new combat guide to become a melee combat master and rise to the top of the scoreboard:

How to Access the Chivalry 2 Cross-Platform Play Closed Beta on Xbox

Pre-order a digital copy of Chivalry 2 on the Xbox Store today for guaranteed access to the cross play closed … Read the rest

We’re excited to announce our first installment in the new Warfare series! Warfare 1 focuses on the engineer by both expanding the engineer’s arsenal, as well as bringing a series of new quality-of-life features to Space Engineers combat. Warfare 1 expands your creative possibilities, providing a series of new blocks aimed at pushing the limits of battlefield innovation.

As with our previous updates, this DLC and update will be released on all supported platforms simultaneously. We want you to enjoy Space Engineers on your platform of choice! Ensuring proper support for all platforms means proper support for all features and functionality, including dedicated servers. Warfare 1: Field Engineer is multiplayer-focused and the content of the Field Engineer DLC is designed to be enjoyed with friends.

As part of our continued efforts to ensure the best possible Space Engineers experience, Xbox and PC players can now play in the same space, … Read the rest

We’re humbled and delighted to be sharing our 8-year Anniversary Event with you and more than 40 million other Tenno playing around the globe. We’re even more excited to be doing so now Optimized for Xbox Series X|S! Despite disruptions of the pandemic, Digital Extremes has been able to work from home, supporting Warframe and developing a new next-gen gameplay experience.

All in one month, a new update, a new Warframe and the start of a new chapter have arrived.  So, bullet jump your way into Warframe to redeem your Dex Rhino skin and log in each week from April 19 to May 10 for additional items and bonus booster weekends.

New Call of the Tempestarii Game Update

For those of you who haven’t tried Warframe yet — or maybe you left a while ago and you’re considering returning — now is a great time to check out the new … Read the rest

Gilgamesh, King of Uruk, dropkicks his way onto the battleground of the gods in Smite’s newest update – available now!

As the hero of an incredible Sumerian epic, Gilgamesh is a questing, adventurous king. In Smite, he faces off against a tyrannical Tiamat. His gods had whispered of Tiamat’s return and his destiny to defeat her. With sword in hand, Gilgamesh eagerly leaps into battle in hopes to fulfill his final quest.

When designing Gilgamesh’s visual design, the team wanted to make sure he felt like a king. Looking at ancient art, specifically how ancient civilizations depicted their kings, we were able to incorporate the features and culture of the Babylonian people. During the artistic process, we had clear goals: a strong, fit, male figure that would be culturally accurate. To balance his identity of a king and adventurer, Gilgamesh is adorned with gems and a crown while … Read the rest


  • View leaderboards and achievements on game detail pages in the Xbox mobile app.
  • Discover more games with recommendations and collections coming to Xbox Game Pass, and join a friend’s game on console with Play with Friends.
  • Download your games as quickly as possible with the new suspend game feature.

Team Xbox is excited to continue bringing new ways to make Xbox even better, including refining the experience and delivering brand new features, based on your feedback. This month’s release includes achievement tracking on game detail pages and leaderboards in the Xbox mobile app, new game recommendations and collections on Xbox Game Pass, the ability to suspend your active game to speed up downloads suspend game feature, and more.


At Xbox we’re always listening to our fans.  As we continue to evolve the new Xbox mobile app on iOS and Android, we heard your feedback that … Read the rest

Today marks the Xbox One release of Hitchhiker, a narrative mystery game about the world’s strangest road trip. In Hitchhiker, you play as a traveler with no recollection of who you are or where you’re headed. Your job is to piece together the memories of your own backstory and solve environmental puzzles by following clues from drivers you meet along the way. The production of Hitchhiker itself has been a long and winding journey, full of twists and turns and many things learned.

It was early 2016 when Patrick Rau (Mad About Pandas’ managing and co-creative director) pitched me on the idea of Hitchhiker. “Everyone’s made a driving game,” he pointed out. “Nobody’s made a passenger game.” The idea was simple, with clear limitations that I liked: As a hitchhiking passenger, you can’t drive, you can’t walk— you can’t do much of anything. When working on a … Read the rest

The Flash’s time travel accidentally created an altered timeline where everything and everyone is different. Thomas Wayne, Batman’s father, is Batman. Cyborg is the quintessential super hero. Wonder Woman and Aquaman are at war. So it’s up to you to fix the timeline in DC Universe Online’s new episode, World of Flashpoint.

Free for All

What’s better than new content? Free new content! World of Flashpoint will be free for all players on Xbox One. All you need is a Level 15+ character to join our event version, which can be accomplished in a flash (see what we did there?). There’s also a standard mode and elite mode with all World of Flashpoint content for our experienced players.

Flashpoint-Inspired Locations

Get ready to travel across a diverse set of Flashpoint-inspired locations starting with the new open world area of Flashpoint Gotham City. Batman has agreed to save … Read the rest

On April 27, World of Tanks: Modern Armor arrives on the battlefield, placing fifty tons of pure power in your control. This massive update gives you access to an impressive array of modern weaponry, including the legendary American M1A2 Abrams and Russian T-72BU armored vehicles.

And that’s just the start. These epic modern tanks will roll out to your console along with four brand-new, never-before-seen, monumental battlefield maps, each one larger than any warzone previously encountered in the game! Looking for even more? Dive into an all-new 3D Commander system, which allows Commanders to declare victory in the most heroic ways you’ve seen. Ready for all the details? Then read on!

The addition of modern armor to World of Tanks brings new and exciting paths of progression for you to follow as you advance your tanking career. First up: the American line. This line of vehicles culminates in the renowned … Read the rest

We just released our next major update to Spellbreak, Chapter 2: The Fracture, and one of the new features that we’re adding is NPCs the player can fight over the course of the story and as a part of the new capture and control game mode, Dominion. Normally, adding NPCs to a game focused on magical combat wouldn’t be especially interesting or worthy of discussion, but Spellbreak is first and foremost a PvP game that’s been live since September, so this is entirely new ground for us.

It’s worth noting Spellbreak currently has bots for giving new players a way to learn the mechanics of the game, so in making NPCs, we want to clearly differentiate them from existing bots. Bots are meant to fight similarly to how a player would and use a variety of spells and sorceries as well as runes to move around and make … Read the rest