The Lord of the Rings Online MMO title may be getting a far-reaching graphics update by 2022, a new presentation has suggested.

According to information presented during an investor’s meeting (thanks PCGamesN), the MMORPG game appears to be in line for a suite of visuals updates to coincide with the launch of Amazon’s upcoming Lord of the Rings TV series.

The Lord of the Rings Online publisher, Daybreak Game Company, was mentioned in a large portion of an EG7 investors’ briefing that suggests Lord of the Rings Online will receive “visual and technical updates” on both PC and next-gen consoles.

The presentation seems to suggest these updates will arrive in the game, which originally launched back in 2007, will arrive sometime in 2022.

Amazon’s upcoming show, which is to be set during the Second Age of Middle-Earth (before the events of the books by the same name and Peter Jackson’s famous … Read the rest

Rockstar Games has announced that GTA Online is set to get a brand new underground club, called The Music Locker, very soon.

Players that frequent the Diamond Casino in GTA Online may have noticed some building works at the location lately.

As per the developer, Rockstar Games, the landmark will soon be getting a little bit of a facelift as a new nightclub, The Music Locker, is set to open under the casino.

“Maybe you’ve noticed the scaffolding and construction going on at The Diamond, or if you listen closely, you might just hear the muffled thud of a relentless kick drum. At long last, the greatest club that Los … Read the rest

A racist line in the upcoming Monster Hunter movie has Chinese audiences rightfully upset.

Monster Hunter World is facing the ire of upset audiences due to a controversial comment in the new film.

The Monster Hunter film already has fans of the franchise cautious. The modern military elements mixed with the iconography of the game is a stark choice and not one die-hards seem overly thrilled about.

However, it appears the film is now even beginning to hurt the franchise’s flagship title, Monster Hunter World. The game has come under fire from Chinese audiences, where the film is available. Negative reviews hit Steam as a reaction to a controversial line in the film which seemingly refers to a discriminatory chant.

Senior Analyst at Niko Partners Daniel Ahmad (via Eurogamer) posted a clip on his Twitter. He went on to explain:

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The man behind Geralt of Rivia’s husky tones hasn’t been asked to work on CD Projekt’s upcoming RPG.

Polish studio CD Projekt is trying to keep a lid on what goes on in Cyberpunk 2077, but we know one thing for sure.

The voice of The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia, Doug Cockle, is not going to be making a cameo in the studio’s latest release. Speaking to Eurogamer, the voice actor confirmed that he hasn’t had any involvement in the project.

“Sadly, I haven’t had any involvement with Cyberpunk thus far,” he said. “It was mentioned long ago but [CDPR] hasn’t brought me in for anything. I’m kinda sad about it actually!

“Oh well,” he added. “Maybe in the future…”

In the past, Cockle had expressed an interest in appearing in Cyberpunk 2077, but has said before that CD Projekt hadn’t contacted him for any work on the Read the rest

You’ll Never Walk Alone might be wonderful for Liverpool fans, but it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard for others.

FIFA 21 has finally made its way to PS5, Xbox Series X and S. From my early matches, EA has delivered a game of football that looks decently better than the last-gen version, but to be honest the intro threw me so much I’m not sure I’m thinking clearly. You see, FIFA 21 on next-gen has a very Liverpool-centric opening. I don’t like it one bit.

I’ll admit that I have a potentially irrational dislike of Liverpool football club. For this I mostly blame my granddad, who used to utter the very worst swear words whenever Liverpool were on TV, back in the days before the Premier League and pitches looked worse than my garden. I’m a reasonable person, I think. I appreciate that Liverpool have been an incredible team … Read the rest

Psyonix has announced that Rocket League’s Season 2 will go live on December 9.
The next season of Rocket League will focus on music with an all-new customization option called Player Anthems.

It will include new songs and content from Grammy-nominated EDM artist Kaskade, a new Rocket Pass, a new Arena, and more.

Here’s what you can expect with Season 2:

  • Player Anthems – This new customization option will let players select and play Rocket League music in the Arena after scoring a goal. More information about Player Anthems will be revealed on the Rocket League website tomorrow.
  • New Music and Content From Kaskade – Psyonix partnered with a long-standing partner and electronic music label Monstercat and acclaimed producer Kaskade to create an EP of songs for Rocket League Season 2. The first song, “Flip Reset,” with WILL K, is now available in-game, featured in the Season 2 trailer,
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The Minecraft experience has been around for over a decade now, so now’s as good a time as any to dive into the best Minecraft mods in 2020.

Players young and old have ventured into the randomly generated lands for one reason or another. Some want to simply play along the adventure of rags to riches, ending with a fight against the Ender dragon. Others want to create.

No matter your reasons for playing, you may find some aspects a bit lacking, or perhaps have run out of things to do. This is where mods come in. Mods can greatly change and affect your Minecraft experience and generally, if there’s something you want to see in Minecraft, there’s probably a mod for it.

How to install Minecraft Mods

Before you install your mods, you must check that the content not only comes from a legitimate source, but also that it … Read the rest

Retro gaming enthusiasts are managing to get PlayStation 2 games up and running on Microsoft’s Xbox Series S/X.

By using some tricks inside the Xbox Series S and X‘s built-in developer mode, gamers are managing to emulate PlayStation 2 titles on the new tech – and emulate them well.

The emulation scene on the new Xbox hardware has been progressing steadily since the consoles launched earlier in November, and now creators like Modern Vintage Gamer (video is embedded below) are showing off just how well the new Xbox systems can run legacy titles.

The video above shows off the likes of God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, God Hand, and more working via Xbox Series S. Though there are some occasional bugs, for the most part, the titles run smoothly and are emulated without serious visible issues.

This is all thanks to Developer Mode, a feature that can … Read the rest

Spoon-bending magician Uri Geller has finally given Nintendo permission to print Kadabra on Pokémon cards again after a 20 year legal battle in which Geller claimed the character’s likeness was too familiar to his own.

After an article over on The Gamer once again dug into why the mid-stage evolution psychic Pokemon hasn’t appeared on Pokemon cards in about two decades, Geller appears to have enjoyed a change of heart.

“I am truly sorry for what I did 20 years ago,” Geller tweeted. “Kids and grownups I am releasing the ban. It’s now all up to #Nintendo to bring my #kadabra #pokemon card back. It will probably be one of the rarest cards now! Much energy and love to all!”

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With the original Oculus Quest being discontinued after Oculus Quest 2’s launch last month, there hasn’t been any hardware bundles going for the older Virtual Reality units this Black Friday. 

Honestly, we’d not seen a huge amount of Virtual Reality offers anywhere. Until now that is, as Oculus have just launched their Black Friday 2020 offers.

Deals are admittedly stronger for the Oculus Rift lineup, going as high as 88% off in some instances. That said, there’s still some great offers for Quest owners too, bringing us several bundles filled with acclaimed titles like Tetris Effect, Superhot VR and more.

Some games are also cross-buy for both platforms, so be sure to take a look at the full cross-buy list here. We’ve scouted out the best offers going, so here’s our top sales pick for Oculus users:

Quest Games

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