If you can’t upgrade your PS4 copy of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or Watch Dogs Legion to the PS5 version, you’re not alone.

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion both support free next-gen upgrades, allowing owners of a PS4 copy to get the enhanced version on PS5 completely free.

This has always been the case, across both console platforms. However, many players are simply unable to claim their free upgrades. The free upgrade option does not show up for affected players, and they instead see the game’s normal price.

The issue, for some reason, appears to seemingly only affect European players who own the disc version. Reports of the problem – affecting both Valhalla, and Legion – became harder to ignore towards the end of last week as more players got their hands on PS5.

Ubisoft has acknowledged the problem, and shared with VG247 a few steps that … Read the rest

Assetto Corsa Competizione has been on quite the journey since launch earlier this year and rest assured, we’re far from done! The development team have been working behind the scenes to bring all new content to the sim racing world and I’m here today to tell you more on what’s to come.

An Intro for Rookie Racers

If you’re new to the title, let me fill you in on some things to know. Assetto Corsa Competizione is the Official GT World Challenge game and features iconic tracks such as Silverstone, Monza, Hungaroring, and Spa-Francorchamps. To ensure each track offers the most realistic experience possible, each circuit has been carefully reproduced using Laser Scan technology, in GT cars that have been developed in close collaboration with manufacturers such as Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche, Lamborghini and McLaren.

Alongside the base game, the team have been working on multiple DLC expansions, including the GT4 Read the rest

Rick and Morty are no strangers to video games. They play the life simulator Roy in an episode of the show on Adult Swim, and they have even starred in their own VR experience (though I didn’t love it). But the dimension-hopping duo’s latest contribution to the gaming industry is a new ad for the PlayStation 5.

Rick and Morty bring their signature brand of humor to the spot, making it clear multiple times that they are only saying what they’ve been paid to say. Even so, it’s still an entertaining little bit for fans of the show to enjoy. Plus, the irreverent tone is a fun change from other PS5 commercials we’ve seen so far. See the ad in the tweet below: 

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Xbox Live

Override 2: Super Mech League — Ultraman Edition Pre-Order Bundle

Modus Games

The gigantic robot brawler is Mech-ing a super-charged comeback in Override 2: Super Mech League!

Seven years after the Xenotypes that invaded Earth have been eradicated, the giant mechs that were once the planet’s defenders are now their entertainers in global mech battle leagues. As a new pilot of these repurposed weapons of war, climb the ranks and represent your Club with a tuned-up roster of returning and new mechs, each with their own unique abilities, moves, and super-charged attacks. Override 2: Super Mech League is playable both in single player and multiplayer campaigns for up to 4 players locally and online in stages set all over the world.

Start as a new pilot and propel yourself through the ranks in a deep and robust Career

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Bugsnax developer Young Horses has rolled out a new update for the PS4 and PS5 game that fixes a slew of the game’s most frustrating bugs.

Version 1.04.000 has been pushed out to Bugsnax on PS4 and PS5, and the latest update for the game takes aim at some of the most game-breaking and progression-halting bugs that have affected players since launch.

The newest update, which weighs in at about 1GB on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, introduces a lot of fixes that make mission progression a little bit easier for players that have run into problems in the game.

Perhaps the most notable updates include changes that prevent the game permanently breaking progression if you leave a Boss Bugsnak encounter, and a few tweaks that mean quest-relevant creatures now respawn more frequently if none are detected in the corresponding area.

Also, a fix to “character eyelid behavior while sleeping” … Read the rest

For many, this is the most crucial of the next generation cross-platform comparisons. The new Assassin’s Creed is a big game, cross-gen in nature for sure, but apparently built with the new wave of machines at least partly in mind. Valhalla also represents a generational shift for the franchise as this is the first time a new series entry arrives on consoles with a 60fps target – on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X at least, delivered with varying levels of success. Ubisoft Montreal aims for complete platform parity between Sony and Microsoft’s premium consoles, but the results when they do diverge are perhaps unexpected.

Anvil Next gets a revamp, but there is the sense that much of Valhalla’s shift in aesthetic comes from the art side. In fairness, this can tap into the engine’s strengths: a sizeable enough proportion of the rendering budget is spent on the volumetric clouds … Read the rest

If you want to gift a game to a friend or family member this holiday season, gifting a digital game is a great and convenient option. With the Microsoft Store on Xbox and the great Microsoft Store online experience, it’s never been easier to send someone a near instantaneous gift on Xbox or PC.

Gifting Through Console

To send a digital game as a gift on your console just go to the Microsoft Store, find the game you`d like to gift, locate the gift wrap icon, and click on it.

This will open the “Buy as gift” options, where you can either choose someone from your friends list or type in an email. Note: Make sure the person receiving the gift is in the same country as you.

Ori Gift

You can personalize your message, though characters are limited so be creative.

Ori Gift Message

After writing your message, choose your payment option and buy … Read the rest

The Deadpool movie legacy continues as Marvel Studios and Ryan Reynolds taps the Molyneaux sisters from Bob’s Burgers fame for Deadpool 3.

Ryan Reynolds is set to reprise his role as the sarcastic anti-hero with Wendy and Lizzie Molyneaux (who served as writers and executive producers for Bob’s Burgers) onset to write the latest movie. As reported by Deadline, meetings with the team have been ongoing all month with Reynolds listening to pitches from writers of all visions. According to the site, Reynolds immediately fell in love with what the Molyneaux sisters brought to Deadpool’s story, and the match made in Marvel heaven is officially a “go” to move onto the next step. 

Deadpool 3 is currently in early development but hiring the writing team, especially of this caliber, is the biggest first step when prepping for onsite production. What’s also worth noting is that this marks the first … Read the rest

Xbox Live

Duck Life Adventure

MoFunZone Inc.

Xbox One X Enhanced
Duck Life is back and bigger than ever. Design your own duck and embark on an epic adventure!
Explore an enormous new area to find training dojos, shops and ducks to race and battle. Play 16 new training games to level up your duck in 8 skills and become the greatest duck adventurer ever!


Design your duck to look exactly how you want, from its hair down to its eye colour. There have never been so many customisation options to choose from!


What would an adventure be without an enormous area to explore?! Discover new places, new ducks to compete with and new shops across an expansive overworld. In fact, this is the biggest world in any Duck Life game

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players will get a new map next week.

Nuketown ’84 will drop for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players next week on November 24.

Alongside the map comes some other Nuketown goodness via a weapon bundle.

To get the Nuketown weapon bundle, everyone who purchases Black Ops Cold War and logs in before December 4, or who play the game at any point online up until 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm UK on November 20, will receive a free Epic Shotgun Weapon Blueprint and nine cosmetic items.

Here’s what’s included:

  •  “Last Stop” Epic Shotgun Blueprint – With this Weapon Blueprint, any enemy who dares to challenge you in close quarters will know it’s the end of the road. This configuration includes a 21.6” Paratrooper Barrel, a 6 RND Tube Magazine, a Milstop Reflex Optic, and a Commando Assembly Stock. When combined, these
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