Microsoft has revealed a brand new option for Xbox fans looking to scoop up an additional controller for their new-gen consoles. The Pulse Red Xbox Series X controller works both for the X and S and will be launching in China later this month on January 12 with a February 9 release planned for “most Xbox markets.”

“With a vivid, fiery-red topcase and crisp, white backcase, the new Pulse Red controller brings the same energy and equally striking color as the Shock Blue,” Microsoft describes the latest controller in a new blog post. “Matte black triggers, bumpers, and hybrid D-pad reduce slip against sweaty fingers and thumbs for greater control, while a textured dot pattern on the triggers and bumpers to keep your grip locked in. Dynamic Latency Input delivers controller inputs more frequently to your Xbox Series X|S for a more responsive gaming experience and seemingly instantaneous action.”… Read the rest

If your next run through a Fire Emblem game needs more drama and emotional nuance, someone has modded Gilmore Girls into Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

Developer Marlowe Dobbe (the artist behind Dicey Dungeons) has created the inspired mod, called – unsurprisingly – Fire Emblem: Gilmore Girls and made it free to download, too.

The mod does a great job in turning the 2004 GBA title into a peculiar re-telling of the early 2000s teen drama, complete with all the mechanics you’d expect from an Intelligent Systems RPG.

“In this 1-hour FE8 mod, play as that cast of characters we know … Read the rest

Bungie jumps onto next-gen systems with extra support for Destiny 2 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S and X, delivering the key feature many fans have been waiting for – a move to 60 frames per second gaming. But how successful has the next generation transition been? How do the three new consoles compare and what are the key upgrades beyond the boost to frame-rate? Bungie has a reputation not just of excellent visual design and solid technology, but also in delivering very similar experiences across platforms – and so it is with Destiny 2.

To get the basics out of the way, Destiny 2 delivers true 4K resolution on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, with pixel counts resolving at a native 3840×2160 on each in a vast majority of test shots. Bungie has developed a dynamic resolution system for this engine (as notably used on PS4 pro), and … Read the rest

Limited Run Games has announced a, well, limited run of physical copies for Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game – Complete Edition, answering the prayers of many fans clamoring for retail copies. Pre-orders begin January 15 at 10 a.m. ET and run for six weeks, ending February 28th at 11:59 a.m. ET. 

The standard boxed Switch/PS4 version retails for $34.99 and features a full-color instruction booklet and reversible cover art, one side of which is inspired by the cover art of Sonic Adventure. Limited Run has said Xbox One copies will arrive at a later date.

 A retro boxed variant of each (resembling Sega Genesis game cases) costs $54.99. It features reversible covers of its own as well as the following: 

  • Sticker sheet featuring art from the game
  • Physical soundtrack CD featuring music by Anamanaguchi.
  • The Clash at Demonhead commemorative concert ticket
  • Overworld map

For true rockstars, a Read the rest

Monster Hunter Rise’s new demo proves that this is no mere spin-off.

Monster Hunter: World had the potential to split this flagship Capcom series in two. World was a departure from the rest of the series in many ways – a game that took steps to be more approachable, accessible, and generally appealing to the Western market. As we all know, that was a huge success, going on to become Capcom’s best-selling game ever.

That puts Monster Hunter Rise in an interesting position. While unannounced, it’s not exactly a secret that there will inevitably be a direct sequel to World – which slots Rise in as an in-between game. Its placement on a portable Nintendo handheld makes its core mission obvious: it’ll continue on the slightly more obtuse Monster Hunter that was already massively successful in Japan.

After playing it, though, it becomes clear that this isn’t just a sequel … Read the rest

15 months after we first covered the crowd-designed Eve Spectrum gaming monitor, the first pre-production samples have begun shipping out. This is our first opportunity to see how the Spectrum, once touted as the first HDMI 2.1 monitor to arrive on the market, actually looks in the flesh and performs in-game.

Our sample is the $689 4K 144Hz version, the ‘flagship’ of a lineup that also includes more affordable 1440p 165Hz ($439) and 1440p 240Hz ($589) options, all based around 27-inch IPS panels. Eve also shipped us a stand, which is sold separately for $99 – in response to the large percentage of Eve community members that said they’d be using the monitor’s 100×100 VESA mount with their own monitor arms. That brings the retail price to $788 in total. The sum’s not unreasonable, when the similarly specced LG 27GN950 is $800 with fewer features, but it is worth factoring … Read the rest

Publisher: ustwogames
Developer: ustwogames

December 11, 2020
iOS), 2021 (Xbox One,
PlayStation 4,

Rating: 4+
Reviewed on: PC
Also on:
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, iOS

Alba is an adorable young girl who can’t wait to spend a vacation with her grandparents on a scenic Mediterranean island. However, things take a turn for the dastardly when the small town’s mayor partners with a shady building developer to construct a massive resort on the site of a beloved nature preserve. Armed with her trusty smartphone, Alba embarks on an altruistic quest to photograph the island’s wildlife to remind residents of what’s truly at stake and garner enough support to oppose the resort’s development.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is a wonderfully charming experience from Ustwo Games, the team behind the Monument Valley series. Instead of challenging players with M.C. Escher-style puzzles, it … Read the rest

Xbox Live

The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav

Daedalic Entertainment

Face your Destiny!

In Andergast, whose inhabitants are considered to be notoriously superstitious, King Efferdan awaits a state visit from high-ranking dignitaries. For centuries the kingdom has been at odds with neighboring Nostria, but now first steps are being undertaken toward a lasting peace. But a plague of crows troubles the king, for the birds are acting with unusual aggressiveness, even attacking humans. Moreover, there are those among the citizens of Andergast who swear that the crows are bringing them dark nightmares. As the belligerent creatures infiltrate even the castle itself, the king seeks a skilled bird catcher – an opportunity for young Geron to prove that the reputation for ill luck that has followed him since childhood is undeserved. Following an audience with the king, the prestigious task is

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SuperData has released its 2020 report, and it finds gaming revenue up to 12% year-over-year, with $139.9 billion spent on digital games.

In the SuperData report, it notes that the top 10 premium titles accounted for 34% of total premium market earnings.

Premium console earnings grew 28% year-over-year, with North America accounting for over half (57%) of the premium console market. The report suggests the “significant impact” of COVID-19 on the US resulted in higher console engagement, pushing worldwide revenue upward.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons became one of the biggest hits in 2020, breaking the console record for premium launch downloads, selling 5 million digital units during its March 2020 launch and by the end of the year, it had made Nintendo $654 million.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was the highest-earning premium game of 2020, though, and thanks to its hybrid business model including the free-to-play Warzone, player numbers … Read the rest

Hitman 3’s an odd one, though if you’ve been along for the ride thus far you’ll know to expect as much. Just as Hitman 2 wasn’t really a sequel in the traditional video game sense, so too Hitman 3 isn’t so much an excuse to fold in big new features and bold new ideas as it is simply a third season of new murderous playpens to participate in, and what amounts to a conclusion to the World of Assassination story which IO Interactive began with 2016’s reboot. It feels like something of a victory lap, though there aren’t many contemporary series more worthy of their moment of glory than Hitman.

What you’re getting here is a series of fresh theatre sets through which to guide Agent 47, and after a half dozen hours with a handful of levels I’m thinking these might well be the best batch yet. Dubai, which … Read the rest