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Outriders – Standard Edition

Square Enix Ltd

Pre-order OUTRIDERS now to receive the Hell's Rangers Content Pack, which includes:

• The Hell’s Rangers Male and Female Gear Sets.
• The Hell’s Rangers Arsenal of 11 unique Guns.
• The Hell’s Rangers Truck Mods and Decals.

OUTRIDERS is a 1-3 player co-op RPG shooter set in an original, dark and desperate sci-fi universe.

As mankind bleeds out in the trenches of Enoch, you’ll create your own Outrider and embark on a journey across the hostile planet.

With rich storytelling spanning a diverse world, you’ll leave behind the slums and shanty towns of the First City and traverse forests, mountains and desert in the pursuit of a mysterious signal.

Combining intense gunplay with violent powers and an arsenal of increasingly twisted weaponry and gear-sets, OUTRIDERS offers countless hours of gameplay

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You’re boring people, sweetie.

Larian Studios has issued another hotfix for Baldur’s Gate 3 along with a request to create more interesting characters.

The game has a robust character creator with plenty of options to choose from, yet according to Larian, early access players aren’t creating very interesting characters.

Using analytics, the team took the most popular choices in character creation and recreated a character based on the data received. Larian stated at first it thought analytics wasn’t working properly, but after checking, it was indeed working as intended.

After gathering the data, the team created a character using choices made the most, and came up with something totally basic.

“Congratulations, you’ve basically made the default Vault Dweller,” stated Larian. “What the hell guys. We gave you demon eyes, horns, and even tails. We are sorely disappointed. Go crazy. We worked hard on this.”

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Some might say it was a game that was simply too ambitious for its intended platform. In 2014, Ubisoft’s spectacular Assassin’s Creed Unity pushed back technological boundaries in a range of directions. Its depiction of Revolutionary Paris was dense in detail, packed with hundreds of residents on-screen at any given point, in a city that didn’t just increase detail outdoors – but introduced highly detailed interiors too. Combined with big advances in character rendering and an astonishing global illumination system that still looks incredible today, Unity had all the makings of a masterpiece. The problem was, it didn’t run very well at all.

Ubisoft itself admitted that the focus on technology was just too strong, to the detriment of the final product, which ran poorly on both PS4 and Xbox One. Even on PC, it took years for CPUs and GPUs to run this game well. Curiously, with the … Read the rest

Hey Xbox Insiders! We have a new Xbox One update preview coming to the Omega ring. It’s important we note that some updates made in these preview OS builds include background improvements that ensure a quality and stable build for Xbox One.

We continue to post these release notes, even when the noticeable changes to the UI are minimal, so you’re aware when updates are coming to your device. Details can be found below!

System Update Details:

  • OS version released: RS_XBOX_RELEASE_201019041.4981.201009-0000
  • Available: 7 p.m. PT – October 9, 2020
  • Mandatory: 3 a.m. PT – October 10, 2020

Fixes Implemented

Thanks to the hard work of Xbox engineers, we are happy to announce the following fixes have been implemented for this build:

Accessories App

  • Fixed an issue where users could not navigate the app.

Party Chat

  • Party chat audio should now correctly be included when broadcasting gameplay.


  • Fixed
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It’s Halloween! Well, almost! And while there are a ton of amazing horror games out there, there is one Fallout 4 mod I can’t help but to recommend for those wanting a new horror experience in a familiar place. For this week’s Mod Corner, we’re getting ‘spoopy’. 

The Fallout 4 Pilgrim: Dread of the Common Wealth mod is a complete overhaul experience that came out in 2017. It’s a mod I’ve personally used and can’t recommend enough. For those that like Fallout 4, this is a great way to jump back in while still being able to experience something new. 

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The mod itself is inspired by the horror film The Witch and it captures that subtle horror and evil immersion perfectly. How overhaul mods work is that it’s not a simple retexture, it’s a complete shakeup to the game … Read the rest

Xbox Live

FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S

Electronic Arts

FIFA 21 Dual Entitlement includes Xbox One X and Xbox Series X|S games.

PRE-ORDER* FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition and Receive:

– 3 Days Early Access
– Up to 24 Rare Gold Packs, 2 per week for 12 weeks
– Kylian Mbappé Loan Item, for 5 FUT matches
– Career Mode Homegrown Talent, local youth prospect with world-class potential
– FUT Ambassador Player Pick, choose 1 of 3 player items for 3 FUT matches
– Special Edition FUT Kits and Stadium Items

Win as one in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 21 with new ways to team up and express yourself on the street and in the stadium. Powered by Frostbite™, FIFA 21 raises the game with fresh features:

• Enjoy even bigger victories together in VOLTA FOOTBALL

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Sony has said in an FAQ of sorts that the “overwhelming majority” of the available 4,000 PlayStation 4 titles will be playable on PS5.

That said, Sony did list 10 PS4 titles that are not compatible PS5.

The backward compatibility information page also stated that select PS4 games will benefit from PS5’s Game Boost, which may make current-gen games run with a higher or smoother frame rate on the next-gen system.

It is also noted that some functionalities on PS4 may not be available on the new console and that some may even “exhibit errors or unexpected behavior” when played on PS5.

Sony also warned that before purchasing add-ons, try to boot and play the PS4 games on the new console first to see if you are “happy with the play experience.”

The ten games which will not be playable on the new console are below. Any PS4 game … Read the rest

Xbox Series X backwards compatibility is shaping up to be an absolute home run based on our testing so far – yes, every title we’ve looked at so far seems to hit their performance target when 30fps or 60fps caps are in place, games using dynamic resolution scaling can show clear improvements, while we’re looking at anything up to a 2x multiplier in GPU performance in games with unlocked frame-rates. On top of that, there’s an image quality bonus too: texture filtering is improved via enforced 16x anisotropic filtering. Loading time improvements are also significantly improved – and that’s the focus for this follow-up coverage.

You see, there’s one disadvantage to the next-gen dream. Storage space on the internal solid state drive is at a premium – Xbox Series X ships with 802 useable gigs on the 1TB drive. On the one hand, that’s actually an improvement over the 781GB … Read the rest

I don’t remember exactly when I became familiar with “free-to-play” as a specific designation, but I do know that I had no interest in playing the games it applied to. From shoddy MMOs to Facebook distractions, I thought of all free-to-play games were thinly disguised attempts to siphon money from players – all while meeting only the barest possible definition of “game.” The only one I spent considerable time with was Farmville, but that was because I was writing a piece for Game Informer’s May 2010 issue that ended up being about how terrible and predatory Farmville was. After that, I generally wrote off free-to-play games.

However, while I was ignoring them, free-to-play games got surprisingly good. At least, some of them did; you can still find plenty of bad and exploitative examples, but recent years have seen remarkable progress toward scouring away some of the negative connotations the … Read the rest


  • Xbox FanFest is going digital.
  • Beginning October 12 at 6 p.m. PT, we’ll open a year-round registration to join as an Xbox FanFest fan.
  • Once registered, fans can opt-in to participate in exclusive experiences offered throughout the year.

Xbox FanFest was created with a passion to give back to our fans. It has been an amazing 6 years of in-person FanFest events. We dearly miss connecting with the Xbox community and sharing these experiences with you. While our in-person events are on hold, we decided what better time than now to expand FanFest in a way that allows more fans the opportunity to come together throughout the year.

I am excited to share that we are expanding Xbox FanFest, adding digital exclusive experiences for fans to jump in and participate virtually in some really fun ways. By opening an ongoing registration site, fans can sign up to be an … Read the rest