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Pumpkin Jack is a Spooky Scary 3D platformer in which you embody Jack, the Mythical Pumpkin Lord! Dive into an Epic Adventure through otherworldly landscapes and help the Evil annihilate the Good!

Dive into an Epic Adventure and help the Evil annihilate the Good!

Follow the will of the Devil himself and slay your nemesis in an epic quest that will take you on a journey in the Boredom Kingdom, a mythical realm shattered by the Curse. You will meet friends along the way, from a haughty Owl to a snarky Crow!

Discover Stunning atmospheres in a Colorful yet Spooky Scary Kingdom

Travel through epic and dramatic settings, with each level having its own eerie atmosphere. Using a vibrant palette and high quality lighting effects, Pumpkin Jack invents

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Take these on-line programs to find out about esports in your school or group. The PlayStation Transfer has been known as a lot of bad names. It’s the PlayStation peripheral that is least utilized by recreation devs, least purchased by console owners, and least spoken of by Sony itself. A few of that sentiment’s been turning currently, ever since Sony showed off Undertaking Morpheus just a few weeks in the past and demonstrated what an impression one thing like Transfer has on virtual reality immersion (the controller works for both PS3 and PS4). And the guy who heads up PlayStation’s worldwide sport studios, Shuhei ” Shu” Yoshida , says Transfer is responsible for way over it’s given credit score. To start, most of the games on the PlayStation Basic both weren’t hits, or weren’t games intently related to the PlayStation model. Who would buy a PlayStation Classic hoping to play … Read the rest

Black Ops Cold War is fighting an uphill battle against a Call of Duty game that didn’t quite play by the same rules.

The state of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta really should worry everyone, not just Activision. Even when it’s not stuttering or glitching, its weapon balance and movement mechanics are archaic. Its Netcode is serviceable at best, questionable at worst, and its presentation in everything from visuals, animation, sound design feels like a major step back.

Some of these problems will be cleaned up by launch, no question. Even then, Black Ops Cold War could not topple last year’s Call of Duty, no matter how hard it tries. For better or worse, Modern Warfare is Black Ops Cold War’s biggest problem. At its core, Black Ops Cold War is interested only in being another Black Ops game. Many of the complaints I have with … Read the rest

One of the greatest strengths of Xbox Series S and X is its backwards compatibility. Revisiting old classics, from the original 2001 Xbox, 360 and the Xbox One – Microsoft has maintained a through line across its console legacy. Not only are legacy titles playable, they’re enhanced too with higher resolutions, smoother frame-rates, clearer texture filtering and faster load times. Auto HDR is the latest enhancement, drawing on a machine learning algorithm to add HDR to the majority of its back-compat titles on all Xbox systems. The question is – how good is it? Can it really compare to a native HDR implementation?

When well implemented, high dynamic range can transform the look of a game. Genuine HDR is not a given for new releases, even today. For the likes of Hellblade, Final Fantasy 15 or Sekiro, the effect elevates the image and heightens the realism of their lighting. Supporting … Read the rest

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Xbox Touch Controls on Mobile Come to More Games, Giving You More Ways to Play
At Xbox we believe this era is all about the player, you are the future of gaming. We listen to what you – players, game developers, and content creators – tell us you want and based on your feedback… Read more

Ghostrunner Launches October 27 on Xbox One with Smart Delivery Support for Xbox Read the rest

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The Coalition announced a slew of big changes coming to Gears 5 when it arrives on Xbox Series X. On top of performance enhancements and new modes, the campaign gets a lot more animalistic with the inclusion of ex-WWE world champ and guardian of the galaxy, Dave Bautista.

After appearing as a multiplayer skin in the original version, players can now swap Marcus Fenix with Big Dave for the entire campaign. More than just a palette swap, Bautista even recorded new dialogue for the story. It should be stressed again that Bautista is not replacing Marcus Fenix in the campaign permanently. The switch is 100% optional. 

The news should serve as a fun treat to Dave’s fanbase, as well as the big guy himself. The actor lobbied hard on social media last summer to portray Marcus Fenix in a Gears of War film, garnering Read the rest

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Outright Games Ltd

With Earth under invasion and MEGATRON, leader of the Decepticons close to capturing The Allspark, BUMBLEBEE and the Autobots need a new commander to help them restore peace to the universe – you!

Assemble your squad and roll out, for a turn-based tactical war that will rage from Central City to Cybertron itself. You’ll need both strength and strategy to outwit the fiendish Decepticons. Choose the TRANSFORMERS characters and their abilities to dominate the battle ahead, with OPTIMUS PRIME, GRIMLOCK and more ready to join the fight. Use each environment to your advantage, taking cover in desert sandstorms, avoiding Cyberton’s Energon storms, and battling your foes in city streets. And fill up your Energon meter to unleash powerful Ultimate Abilities that crush the fiercest enemies. With intuitive controls

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Halo will look and play great on the next generation of Xbox.

Microsoft is looking to continue treating its premier franchise, Halo, well as we transition into the next generation of consoles. After porting The Master Chief Collection to PC, the company is now promising big upgrades for the game on Xbox Series X/S.

All of the collection’s games will run at 120fps on both Xbox Series X and Series S. This is true for campaign and multiplayer, which is great news. The next-gen console versions also include split-screen support at a smoother framerate. Resolutions, unsurprisingly, go up to 4K.

All of that is also available to players on Xbox Game Pass who do not own the Xbox One games.

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Let’s celebrate Halloween and much more in the latest update for Dead by Daylight! Players and fans will be happy to know that a whole lot is coming down the pipeline in Dead by Daylight this October.

The Archives – Tome 5: Unleashed

A new Archive entry has arrived. Dead by Daylight’s latest addition to the game, Tome 5 Unleashed, will be available to players on October 21.  

This Tome allows players to unlock memories for The Hillbilly, Nea Karlsson, and The Blight. The Blight’s story is explored deeper as players have access to the conclusion of the original Hallowed Blight event storyline from 2018, as well as all past Hallowed Blight lore content.

For the first time since The Archives’ inception, a brand new challenge type is introduced: the Pustula Plants. This fowl flora infects the body and mind and mutates the host until they are under … Read the rest

For what my money’s worth, the new Doom games are some of the best of this generation. Doom (2016) and its sequel, Doom Eternal, don’t try to be something they’re not. They know exactly why you’re playing: to rip and tear. 

I think that’s what makes them fantastic games. They’re pure and focused experiences, self-aware enough to get away with their should-be-gross-but-so-ridiculous-it’s-actually-funny levels of gore. But also technically solid enough to be some of the best-playing games in recent memory. There’s never any mystery or surprises when loading up a new Doom game. Once I hit start, I’m going to go fast, I’m going to kill everything in front of me, and it’s going to feel amazing. That’s all I need right there. I’m skipping all that story. I’m not considering whether Doom has a grand message it’s trying to convey. I’m just running and gunning through the hordes of … Read the rest