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Knockout City™ Deluxe Block Party Edition

Electronic Arts



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Team up and duke it out with rival Crews in Knockout City™—in Deluxe Edition style!—during the limited-time Block Party event*. Brawl on every map, with every ball, in every style, through every playlist of Season 1. Throw, catch, pass, dodge, and tackle your way to dodgeball dominance!

Customize your character and show off with coveted Deluxe Edition rewards AND Block Party exclusives to really stand out from the crowd. Once you’re all set, form a Crew with friends to start your Knockout City takeover.

Knock out opponents with trick shots and coordinated teamwork while dodging and catching balls flying across the map. No ball? No problem! You can literally ball up, roll into a teammate’s hands, and become the ultimate weapon!

A variety of outlandish ball

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As part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, I am honored to share the work that team Xbox is doing in gaming accessibility. Accessibility options enable more people to play, and with an estimated over 400 million gamers with disabilities on the planet, we are committed to unlocking the potential for everyone to experience the joys and benefits of gaming. To achieve this, we focus on meeting the needs of our community in three areas:

  • Fostering a welcoming community through listening and support channels: We want to create a welcoming community where everyone can participate, feel included and play as they are. This includes providing the opportunity to give us feedback, have access to support and listen to a fellow community member.
  • Promoting Accessibility By Design: We believe that designing for the billions of people on this planet starts with designing for just one and extending to many, and
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The Wild at Heart

Humble Games

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A mysterious hidden realm. Two precocious kids fleeing hardship. Magical creatures and an oddball order of guardians who have lost their way. A stygian evil imprisoned. Welcome to the Deep Woods.

Amass your Horde
Collect and deploy a swarm of quirky Spritelings; small magical creatures for you to command. Break stuff, collect loot, fight enemies, build new paths, and more!

A unique and sequestered world rich with centuries full of lore. Woods, caves, coastline, ancient shrines… The Deep Woods is full of puzzles to be solved and secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Collect & Craft
Gather rare resources like magical crystals, scrap, electrical components and more to build new structures, items, and upgrades!

Take on precarious wildlife and supernatural foes with

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  • Deluxe Edition content revealed for F1 2021.
  • F1 2021 Deluxe Edition includes three days of early access – start playing from July 13.
  • Iconic drivers will be available in My Team, plus more exclusive items for F1 2021 Deluxe Edition.

The illustrious history of F1 is full of icons from every decade and era, right through to today’s superstars, like Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, and Charles Leclerc. In F1 2021, the official video game of the Formula One World Championship from Codemasters and EA Sports, seven of those F1 icons will be yours to race alongside, with F1 2021 Deluxe Edition, along with plenty more exclusive content revealed today!

Iconic Drivers in F1 2021

Players of the Deluxe Edition, available to pre-order digitally right now, will receive the My Team Icons Pack, which includes seven iconic drivers across almost 40 years of F1 history. … Read the rest

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Aerial_Knight's Never Yield




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Xbox One X Enhanced
Take the role of Wally. A mysterious character that has recovered what was taken from him. Hopefully, you're fast enough to outrun your enemies. Expose the truth and try to uncover the mystery of what happened to them. With an average runtime of an action movie (about an hour and a half on Normal), a first run of this action-packed adventure can be enjoyed in an afternoon. Afterwards you can improve your score.

Aerial_Knight's Never Yield is a 3D side-scroller that plays much like a classic endless runner. The game has an interesting story that keeps players always in motion. Run, Jump, Slide or "Dash" for acrobatic variants leading to dope combinations and avoid the challenges that await. Aerial_Knight's Never Yield is being built

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Smite has teamed up with electronic music label Monstercat for a high-energy battle pass, now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

The Monstercat Battle Pass features iconic electronic artists Slushii, Sullivan King, Noisestorm, and Koven and brings character skins, music themes, and more to the Smite universe.

Each Monstercat skin features music from the artist throughout the gameplay experience, replacing ability sounds with drum and bass, tropical house, and more.

The collaborative battle pass also unlocks four music themes, allowing players to completely replace Smite’s default soundtrack with Monstercat tracks including Slushii’s brand new song “Valhalla,” the gold-certified internet classic “Crab Rave” by Noisestorm, the romantic liquid drum and bass of Koven’s “Give You Up,” and the heavy-hitting grit of Sullivan King’s “Someone Else.”

Attention all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members: Get ready to rave with the Smite x Monstercat Starter Pass, free as an Xbox Game … Read the rest

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Outward: The Adventurer Bundle

Deep Silver



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The Adventurer Bundle includes the critically acclaimed Outward, and its two expansions “The Soroboreans” & "The Three Brothers"!

You are not a god, nor a chosen one. The path before you is fraught with perils.
Outward delivers an immersive RPG experience coupled with survival gameplay, offering a deeply-rewarding challenge for the most avid gamers, in solo or online co-op.

The Soroboreans
The expansion delivers a new faction and questline offering the players a whole new adventure in Aurai! It is no easy journey, new corruption mechanics shall bring great trouble to impulsive explorers. New weapon type (gauntlets), new skills tree (The Speedster and The Hex Mage) and a new enhanced enchantment system may be of your assistance.

The Three Brothers
You will play an important role in

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Prepare for a battle between titans as the “Godzilla vs. Kong” collaboration begins at the start of the May update for World of Warships: Legends. The collaboration comes alongside new events, like revamped Ranked Battles and a campaign to earn a new French Battleship.

First and foremost is the legendary battle of monsters between Godzilla and Kong. Throughout the May update, you can get the unique commanders Godzilla and Kong with special effects and skills for your Japanese and American battleships, plus the exclusive premium ships Heat Ray and Primal to pair with them. Plus, the legendary titans tower over these ships in port, waiting to go into battle. Be sure to stock up on “Godzilla vs. Kong” camo and supplies before they’re gone!

World of Warships: Legends

Ranked battles are coming back with a new format that is sure to be interesting. As you progress through the ranks, it will become more … Read the rest

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R-Type® Final 2 Demo

NIS America, Inc.

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For the first time in nearly two decades, you can experience R-Type Final 2! Feel the rush of mowing down hordes of Bydo with your fleet of R-Type fighters equipped with an arsenal of new and classic wave cannons, force units, bit devices, and devastating delta weapons. The Bydo threat is always evolving, as new enemies spawn from the wreckage of fallen foes, and stages are corrupted and altered by the sentient Bydo corruption. R-Type Final 2 unites the explosive action of the original games with modernized visuals and gameplay features, making this a must-have title for new and old shoot-'em-up fans alike.
R-Type Final 2 is also available for purchase here:
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R-Type Final 2 Digital Deluxe Edition

NIS America, Inc.

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As the person responsible for the creative direction of Subnautica: Below Zero, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand what makes the highly esteemed original, Subnautica, tick. Below Zero has been built on top of a game that many know and love, but we’re not looking to play the same exact song each time. Below Zero must reflect the values that made Subnautica great, while also giving players something new and different.

Subnautica is many things to many people. If I had to describe it in a sentence, I might say it’s an open world, underwater, sci-fi, base building, survival-adventure game with a hint of primal terror. That doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue…

So, what’s different about Subnautica? What sets it apart from other survival games, and how do we approach design and development to make something special and unique?

For me, at its core, … Read the rest