On April 27, World of Tanks: Modern Armor arrives on the battlefield, placing fifty tons of pure power in your control. This massive update gives you access to an impressive array of modern weaponry, including the legendary American M1A2 Abrams and Russian T-72BU armored vehicles.

And that’s just the start. These epic modern tanks will roll out to your console along with four brand-new, never-before-seen, monumental battlefield maps, each one larger than any warzone previously encountered in the game! Looking for even more? Dive into an all-new 3D Commander system, which allows Commanders to declare victory in the most heroic ways you’ve seen. Ready for all the details? Then read on!

The addition of modern armor to World of Tanks brings new and exciting paths of progression for you to follow as you advance your tanking career. First up: the American line. This line of vehicles culminates in the renowned … Read the rest

Xbox Live

MLB® The Show™ 21 Jackie Robinson Edition Preorder – Current and Next Gen Bundle


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Pre-order to get the Gold Choice pack and get four days’ early access to start playing on April 16.

This edition includes:
MLB® The Show 21™ (Xbox™ One™ & Xbox™ Series X | S).
Four days’ early access.
Jackie Robinson bat skin.
1 Diamond Choice pack.
2 Gold Choice packs.
1 Ballplayer Equipment pack.
10 The Show packs.
10K Stubs™.
Double daily login rewards
Pre-Order bonus – Gold Choice Pack


Experience faster, deeper and more intense moment-to-moment match action on the field, with a variety of game modes for all you rookie players and returning seasoned vets.

• Lead your Ballplayer to Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty glory as a two-way star.
• Enjoy updates

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We just released our next major update to Spellbreak, Chapter 2: The Fracture, and one of the new features that we’re adding is NPCs the player can fight over the course of the story and as a part of the new capture and control game mode, Dominion. Normally, adding NPCs to a game focused on magical combat wouldn’t be especially interesting or worthy of discussion, but Spellbreak is first and foremost a PvP game that’s been live since September, so this is entirely new ground for us.

It’s worth noting Spellbreak currently has bots for giving new players a way to learn the mechanics of the game, so in making NPCs, we want to clearly differentiate them from existing bots. Bots are meant to fight similarly to how a player would and use a variety of spells and sorceries as well as runes to move around and make … Read the rest

Xbox Live

The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark

Akupara Games


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"Twin Lakes is a cursed city. Less cursed than say, “Demons are tearing it apart” but more cursed than “always loses its keys” or “often steps in puddles”. It’s roughly in the middle of the cursed scale, is what we’re trying to say.

Cursed enough that it’s a nuisance. Cursed enough that somebody has to deal with it…

That’s where The Darkside Detective comes in. Whenever you hear a bump in the night, feel a tingle up your spine, or smell something fishy, Detective Francis McQueen isn’t far behind.
No, he doesn’t smell of fish – it’s a phrase, come on…

Picking up after the events of The Darkside Detective https://majornelson.com/2021/04/15/the-darkside-detective-a-fumble-in-the-dark-is-now-available-for-windows-10-xbox-one-and-xbox-series-xs/, McQueen has to save his usually-present (in body, if not mind) sidekick Officer Dooley

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It’s no secret that the Track Editor has always been one of the most appreciated features in the Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame franchise. It empowers the players by letting them use their infinite creativity to build their tracks and showcase them to the world, telling them: “Hey players, look at this track I created for you! I’d love you to have some laps on it!”

As a fan of the discipline myself, one of the things that has amazed me from the day I started following this sport was the fact that the tracks the riders race on are different every new championship. The track designers from the Supercross federation must come up with new ideas, new challenges every year to keep the track interesting, challenging and fun to watch. So, when we designed the Track Editor feature, we asked ourselves, “Why don’t we give the players … Read the rest

Xbox Live

Tools Up! – The Renovation Spree Bundle

All in! Games

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Tools Up! – The Renovation Spree Bundle is a set of the world's craziest renovations! Gather a team of up to four players, start your adventure, and climb to the top of a skyscraper in need of some work. The owners of various apartments have left their homes in your hands.
After that, move to a treehouse in Tools Up! Garden Party with brand new challenges, tools, and game mechanics to enjoy.
The package includes:
Tools Up!
Tools Up! is an exciting local co-op game that tests your renovation and teamwork skills. Paint walls, tear off wallpapers, and move sofas as you race against the clock!
Tools Up! Garden Party Season Pass
Time to get the team back together and go on a renovation spree
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In Hood: Outlaws and Legends, you play as an outlaw, determined to undermine the oppressive state by stealing its wealth and returning it to the people. The state keeps treasure chests in enormous buildings, secure inside locked vaults.

The state is an organized and powerful ruling body. The three types of treasure building represent its three arms: the church represents the state’s control of religion, the garrison its military, and the towering keep represents its oppression of the people.

To show this, we incorporated brutalist elements and took inspiration from modern regimes and blended them into the design of medieval buildings. Each building has its own distinct personality and gameplay, from the towering spires and claustrophobic catacombs of the church, to the functional yet opulent halls of the garrison.

The treasure buildings dominate the skyline and are landmarks that help you navigate. This is important, because your first objective … Read the rest

Here are this week’s games and add-on deals available from the Microsoft Games Store. Discounts are valid now through 19 April 2021 (actual end date varies by sale).

The Spring Sale runs until 15 April. Click here for more details on the Spring Sale.

These deals will expire at 10:00 am UTC on Tuesday April 20th 2021

Xbox One Deals


Content Title Content Type Discount Notes
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 20% DWG*
Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition & Great White Shark Card Bundle Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 55% DWG*
Star Wars Battlefront II: Celebration Edition Xbox One X Enhanced 75% DWG*
Curse of the Dead Gods Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 20% DWG*
Need For Speed Payback – Deluxe Edition Xbox One X Enhanced 80% DWG*
Borderlands 3: Ultimate Edition Smart Delivery
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The April update brings several exciting additions to World of Warships: Legends as the game celebrates its second year since releasing into early access. Get ready to unlock and command aircraft carriers, take part in a new campaign, and prepare for new seasons of Arena mode! Let’s start off with a look at the new flattops.

Aircraft Carriers are here to stay and scout out the high seas! Your feedback from the airstrike event at the start of the year was largely positive, though we have made a few changes to them in the meantime. First and foremost are the balance changes, we made some tweaks to give carriers a bit more power in battle. Most importantly, we added an automatic navigation system based on your feedback to allow you to reposition your ship while flying your squadrons around. The other types of ships also received ways to improve their … Read the rest


  • Today, we got our first look at new gameplay footage for the upcoming Age of Empires IV.
  • The Definitive Editions will receive new updates, including the Dawn of the Dukes expansion for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition and the United States civilization for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition.
  • Visit the Virtual Village to explore the buildings, experiences, learn more about Age of Empires IV, and enjoy exclusive video content.

A new Age is here! Today, we got our first look at new gameplay footage for the upcoming Age of Empires IV during the Age of Empires: Fan Preview event that showcased the wonderful Age of Empires community, as well as celebrated the many games that have made this franchise a mainstay in the strategy space for two decades. Let’s dive in.

An in-depth look at Age of Empires IV

The preview event kicked off … Read the rest