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PBA Pro Bowling 2021

FarSight Studios

Xbox One X Enhanced
PBA Pro Bowling 2021 is the ultimate game for all bowling fans! Now you can bowl as your favorite PBA pro! Play online versus your friends, competing head-to-head and in tournaments, or start your PBA Career in a deep single player experience. This game has something for everyone with options for both an authentic simulation mode or an explosive arcade style of gameplay!

PBA Pro Bowling 2021 is officially licensed by the Pro Bowlers Association and includes 26 of the top pros in the game today along with in-game commentary from the TV broadcast team of Rob Stone and hall-of-famer Randy Pedersen.

Exciting new features for 2021 include:

-Online Head-to-Head Mode.
-Bowl as your Favorite PBA Pro.
-Stepladder Finals added to over 100 Career Mode Tournaments.

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It wouldn’t be right to suggest that World of Warcraft had ever, at any point during the last 16 years, been a less than popular and successful game. The days when it was thought the biggest game in the world are long behind it, but it has been reliably raking in subscription revenue and expansion pack sales on a considerable scale the whole time. It’s also a fool’s errand to mark any one expansion out as a return to form; many WOW players will argue that each expansion is either a disgraceful betrayal or a triumphant comeback, but different sections of the community seldom agree on which is which. (Meanwhile, long-term but less invested casual players like myself tend to think they’re all pretty good.)

Yet something feels different this time. Shadowlands, WOW’s eighth expansion – or perhaps we should more properly call it the ninth edition of the game … Read the rest

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Override 2: Super Mech League — Ultraman Deluxe Edition

Modus Games

The gigantic robot brawler is Mech-ing a super-charged comeback in Override 2: Super Mech League!

Seven years after the Xenotypes that invaded Earth have been eradicated, the giant mechs that were once the planet’s defenders are now their entertainers in global mech battle leagues. As a new pilot of these repurposed weapons of war, climb the ranks and represent your Club with a tuned-up roster of returning and new mechs, each with their own unique abilities, moves, and super-charged attacks. Override 2: Super Mech League is playable both in single player and multiplayer campaigns for up to 4 players locally and online in stages set all over the world.

Start as a new pilot and propel yourself through the ranks in a deep and robust

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Not just Big Navi, but the biggest Navi of them all. AMD’s Radeon RX 6900 XT completes the trio of next-gen graphics card launches from Team Red and on the face of it, it does seem like… the least interesting of them all? In all areas of the specification – bar one – RX 6900 XT is identical to the RX 6800 XT, a graphics card that costs a full $350 less than the new GPU’s colossal $999 price-point. In essence, the only palpable difference between 6800 XT and 6900 XT is that the top-end offering gets the full complement of 80 compute units vs the slightly cut-back 72 in the cheaper product. But perhaps there’s more to the spec than meets the eye and in combination with the fact that this is the absolute top-end, maybe that’s enough to convince the most die-hard of AMD fanatics that this is … Read the rest

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Back 4 Blood: Ultimate Edition

Warner Bros. Games

Pre-order the Ultimate Edition and get:

• Fort Hope Elite Weapon Skin Pack

Buy Back 4 Blood: Ultimate Edition and get:

• Base Game
• 4 days Early Access to Back 4 Blood
• Annual Pass: Three upcoming downloadable content drops with New Story, Playable Characters, Special Mutated Ridden, and more
• 4 Character Battle Hardened Skin Pack
• Additional digital in-game items: Rare Banner, Emblem, Spray, Title

Back 4 Blood is a thrilling cooperative first-person shooter from the creators of the critically acclaimed Left 4 Dead franchise. You are at the center of a war against the Ridden. These once-human hosts of a deadly parasite have turned into terrifying creatures bent on devouring what remains of civilization. With humanity's extinction on the line, it's up to you and your

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Why do human beings love fire? Why do we find it hard to look away from even the smallest candleflame? Many anthropologists put it down to simple inheritance: the hominids who became our ancestors were those most susceptible to fire’s charms, for all its peril. Fire gave us cooking and tool-making; it freed us from the tyranny of the sun, allowing people to gather and work after dark; the ability to control it conferred status and thus, a foundation for more elaborate social structures. It was both an everyday tool and a terrible supernatural force to worship and wield against enemies. Small wonder that, thousands of years later, we seek its likeness in artworks of all kinds, from the hellish radiance of Francisco Goya’s El Incendio to the smouldering poltergeists of The Sims.

Artworks like these may explore and even celebrate fire, but they also illuminate our distance from it. … Read the rest

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60 Parseconds! Bundle

Robot Gentleman

The dark comedy atomic adventure duo: 60 Seconds! Reatomized and 60 Parsecs!.
Scavenge, make difficult decisions and maybe survive. Or not.

60 Seconds! Reatomized
Dolores, Ted, Mary Jane and Timmy return to face the nuclear apocalypse in this new, remastered edition of the classic atomic adventure – 60 Seconds! Reatomized, featuring 4K support, refreshed 2D graphics and hand-drawn 3D textures, new interactive menu, improved UI system, a technical refresh, and of course… new content!
With only 60 seconds left to impact, go on a mad dash through the house in search of family members and useful supplies. Everything will be against you: time, your very own furniture, a house that's different every time you play, and the fundamental question… what to take with you and who to leave behind?
Reaching the

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Radio Commander

PlayWay S.A.

In Radio Commander you are playing as an American military commander serving in US Army during the Vietnam War. You will be carrying a heavy burden as your mission is to coordinate military operations taking place between 1965 and 1968.

But this is not just another RTS, in which you are an invisible being hovering over the battlefield. In Radio Commander situation reports are given to you in form of dramatic radio statements sent by troops fighting on the ground. And your only accessory is a strategic map, on which you can place tokens and notes.

Radio Commander offers an unique experience very different from classic real time strategy games. It’s a bold try to redefine the genre, as the player will be involved in a decision making process much more realistic

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Two years after its unveiling at BlizzCon 2018 met a hostile reaction from fans, Diablo Immortal – the Diablo game that commits the terrible sins of not being Diablo 4, and being a mobile game – has broken a long, cowed silence. After that reception, Blizzard was unlikely to do anything with the game until it had something substantial to show, and so it has proved. At a Zoom briefing with the developers earlier this week, press were told that the game was entering a “very limited” public technical alpha test that has just gone live as you read this. We were also given early access to the alpha, so I’ve had a chance to try it out, albeit briefly.

Unlike the BlizzCon 2018 demo, this is a substantial chunk of game, with a level cap of 45, four character classes to try, many of the game’s features (excluding … Read the rest

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When the Past was Around

Chorus Worldwide Games

When the Past was Around is an adventure point-and-click puzzle game about love, moving on, letting go, and the joy and pain of everything in between.

This is the story of Eda, a girl in her early 20s.
Like anyone in her age, she’s lost.
She lost her way in the journey to achieve her dreams.
She lost her way in the journey to find love.

That until she met The Owl.

The man that would help her burn her passion,
the man that would help her find the spark in a relationship,
and also the man that would teach her about heartbreak.

The game tells a bittersweet tale between a girl and her lover in a surreal world consisting of disjointed rooms from memories and time. With

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