In a certain kind of game I am always called AAA. Not because I am good, or because I am screaming – often I am screaming – but because defeat rockets me out of the game, through the leaderboard name input and back into another round before I can stop stabbing the GO button, whatever button that may be. Bezier: Second Edition has just launched on Switch. It’s a reworked take on the brilliant PC game from – jeepers, 2016! This is that dense, personal kind of game so filled with treats I don’t want to spoil much, but I can at least tell you this: chances are good that in this game your name will be AAA too.

Bezier’s superficially described as an unusual take on Geometry Wars or Robotron. It’s a twin-stick shooter with a luminous aesthetic, an arcade treat in which you are a point of … Read the rest

Hi everyone!

GSC Game World here.

The debut S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 trailer at the Xbox Games Showcase was all about the atmosphere. We have made quite a bit of progress since July, and we decided to go forward, sharing an in-engine gameplay teaser. That seems like a neat way to kickstart a new year, right?

Just imagine.

A long and tedious road.

The hostile and treacherous Zone.

Unbelievable treasures that might cost you everything. A blood trial, separating your old life from a new one…

It’s time for a taste of how the game actually feels. Fast-paced changes of scenery, ominous landscapes and the ever-present feeling of an inevitable danger.

You’re seeing this world through the eyes of a stalker named Skif remember the codename, you will hear it a lot. Following the steps of its predecessors, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 introduces a completely new main protagonist. His actions will shape … Read the rest

Alongside today’s release of Hitman 3 is a welcome bonus – a mode that allows you to play through the entirety of IO’s World of Assassination trilogy in virtual reality. That it works at all is a wonder, but there are a handful of caveats along the way, so here I’ll run through what’s good, what’s not so good and whether it’s worth investing for the VR experience alone.

If you didn’t already know, Hitman VR is currently an exclusive for PSVR on PS4 (a timed exclusive, it would seem, though we don’t know when exactly other headsets will be supported). If you own any of the Hitman trilogy games on PS5, you will only be able to play them in VR if you download and run the PS4 version of the game. And, if you are playing on PS5, you will need the PS5 PSVR adapter in order to … Read the rest

One of the most-discussed titles we revealed in 2020 was The Medium, a psychological horror game developed by Polish developer Bloober Team, coming exclusively to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass. Bloober Team has made its name with well-received and envelope-pushing horror games, including Observer, Layers of Fear, and Blair Witch. Each of these games has a central theme that drives its creative and technological design and The Medium continues that tradition with a mechanic the team is calling “dual reality gameplay.” I recently had the chance to play the first few hours of The Medium and found it to be a wholly unique experience that I can’t wait to explore more.

“It all starts with a dead girl…” was the first spoken line of the game, accompanied by a scene of a girl running through the woods while being chased by an unseen pursuer. … Read the rest

The arrival of a new gaming generation always shakes up the status quo – not just in the console space, but for PC owners too. With new Xbox and PlayStation hardware effectively resetting the baseline, how does your existing gaming rig stack up? Do you need to upgrade? What kind of PC kit is now required to match the console experience? We’ve already tested Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, finding that relatively high-end PC kit is required to get the job done, while Watch Dogs Legion lowered expectations – provided you had an Nvidia RTX card. Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is our next port of call.

You can watch our entire process in matching PlayStation 5’s visual make-up to PC in the embedded video below, but through a process of careful testing, it was possible to provide a very close match, up to and including ray tracing features, … Read the rest

Remember so long ago, way back in December during The Game Awards when we gave you a preview of what games were coming soon? That soon is sooner now than it was then, and we have more games now than we had then, which means we have even more games coming soon now… make sense? Great! Let’s see what’s coming soon(er).

Coming Soon

Control (PC) – January 21
After a secretive agency in New York is invaded by an otherworldly threat, you become the Director struggling to regain control. This third-person, action-adventure game will challenge you to master a combination of supernatural abilities that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Desperados III (Android, Console, and PC) – January 21
Desperados III is the long-awaited prequel to Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive. A story-driven, tactical stealth game featuring a colorful cast of characters that epitomize the Wild … Read the rest

If you live in London, New York or another global metropolis, you’re probably used to the idea of your local area being represented in big-budget media. But if you’re from Gloucestershire, the closest things get is Hot Fuzz. Though the county is frequently used as a filming location, it’s rarely the focus of the spotlight, and the list of video games set in Gloucestershire is… rather sparse. All of which meant I was shocked to discover that Gloucestershire is not only visitable in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, but that it boasts its own storyline.

Having grown up in the area, I was curious to see exactly how my home had been represented. How true would it be to real history? Would it still feel like Gloucestershire? How do you even squash most of England into a game? So I packed up my Viking gear and set sail for the in-game … Read the rest

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition is out now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, giving players a chance to once again team up with friends and fight for love in a remastered version of the classic  2D beat-‘em-up that first launched in 2010.

Inspired by the movie and graphic-novel series, the game lets players kick, punch, and bash their way across Toronto as Scott and friends battle the League of Seven Evil Exes (and their legions of hipsters, ninjas, monsters, zombies, and robots) through snowy streets, eerie forests, bustling film sets, and crowded music venues.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition

Up to four players can join in for local or online co-op, letting them tackle the story and level up their characters together while reviving each other, sharing health and coins, and launching devastating group super-attacks. Players can also square off in competitive dodgeball and battle royal matches, or … Read the rest

One of humanity’s greatest driving forces is… curiosity. And that’s exactly what leads our prehistoric protagonist to finding a jetpack left behind by an alien invader.

In Jet Kave Adventure, the Stone Age meets Science-Fiction. We tell the story of Kave, a chief banished by his own tribe. When you meet him, Kave wanders aimlessly through a canyon until he stumbles upon a wrecked spaceship. Instead of running away, his curiosity compels him to spy on the alien trying to fix the ship, for which he almost pays the ultimate price.

When Kave comes around, he browses through the wreckage and finds a working jetpack. He also learns about the alien’s plans of destroying the island. Between that knowledge and the newfound extraterrestrial piece of tech, he quickly turns from an exile into the only caveman who stands a chance against the alien threat…

With Jet Kave Adventure, … Read the rest

There’s no question about it – Doom Eternal is a remarkably impressive technical achievement. The id Tech 7 engine delivers exceptionally high-quality visuals at a smooth 60 frames per second across the full range of PlayStation and Xbox consoles. We witnessed a boost in texture quality, geometry density and world scale. It’s a game that really demonstrates the full potential of these machines, while laying the technological foundation for the next generation. In theory, this should make a potential Switch conversion of the game even more challenging than prior Panic Button ports of id Tech titles and yet, there’s a good argument here in saying that this the talented developer’s most impressive work yet.

Of course, by any virtually any measurable criteria – bar power consumption, of course! – the Switch rendition of Doom Eternal is the least preferable way to play the game. In fact, it calls to mind … Read the rest