Burger King looks to be teasing PS5 UI reveal this week

PlayStation has teamed up with Burger King for some sort of PS5 announcement this week.

Sony has now effectively revealed the majority of details that remained mysterious for months about PS5. The platform holder finally talked backwards compatibility, and offered a full teardown of the console.

We know the price and launch date for PS5, what games will be there at launch in a few weeks, and how much they’re going to cost. The only thing that’s still being kept under wraps is the console’s updated UI. But, it looks like we might be getting our first look at that soon.

Overnight, Burger King’s social media accounts in America posted a brief clip showing the restaurant chain’s mascot opening a big bag. When he does, the bag plays what seems to be the PS5’s boot stinger, and shines a blue light similar to what we see on the console itself. The teaser ends with an October 15 date, which is when more details will be revealed.

You may recall that this particular sound was actually first heard during a transition in PS5’s June reveal event. At the time, many dismissed it as having any relation to PS5, but we now think this may actually be the sound PS5s play when they boot up.

As for what the announcement, it could be as basic as a competition for Burger King customers to win PS5 consoles, similar to Xbox’s many competitions with Taco Bell. October 15 could also bring us our first proper look at the PS5 UI, which we do hope is what’s happening.

In any case, we’ll find out on Thursday. If you’d rather not wait for a chance to win a console, here’s how you can secure a PS5 pre-order.

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